Frequently Asked Questions:


Question: Who would benefit from limb length and deformity correction; or, am I a candidate?

Answer: Anyone who has a built up shoe, a bone that won't heal, someone who has had several surgeries, maybe even bone grafts; and still has not healed. Individuals with severe fractures, and individuals with infected bone are just a few examples.

Question: Is it ok for the black strut on my fixator to spin?

Answer: The black struts are made to move, some struts may rotate more than others due to the tension on the frame. But, this is all normal.

Question: How often will I have to follow up in the office?

Answer: The first several weeks to a month, you will follow up on a weekly basis. Then, as you progress thru your treatment, the visits will get further apart - such as 2 weeks, 2 - 3 weeks, 3 - 4 weeks.

Question: How long will I have to wear the fixator?

Answer: This varies for each individual depending on the type of injury or deformity. We will try to give you some idea before the procedure is performed.

Question: Can I get the fixator wet?

Answer: You may not get the fixator wet until all of your stitches or staples are out, and wounds are healed. After the wounds are healed, you can take a shower, swim in a pool; but lakes or oceans are out of the question due to bacteria in the water.

Question: My wounds and pins are red, I'm worried if they're infected. What do I do?

Answer: Call the office. We will place you on antibiotics and we'll see you in 24 - 48 hours.

Question: What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Answer: This is oxygen therapy that greatly accelerates the healing process. It is well known now that many pro athletes are even beginning to use this process.

Question: How many visits of hyperbaric oxygen will I require?

Answer: If hyperbaric oxygen is prescribed, most people require 20 - 40 visits. These are performed Monday - Friday, and take appx 2 hours.

Question: Will I have an bone stimulator, and if so, where does it go and how will I know its in the correct place?

Answer: Bone stimulators are prescribed on a case by case basis. If you are prescribed one, you will be instructed on its use and your leg will be marked with a magic marker for the location.

Question: Do I leave the pink sponges on?

Answer: Yes, a minimum of 3 days. These will be removed before you leave the hospital and your leg will be cleansed. Many people wear these sponges at home and they find them very comfortable.

Question: Will I be on IV antibiotics and, if so, how long?

Answer: Infection cases generally are placed on 6 weeks of IV antibiotics at home.

Question: What is a groshong catheter?

Answer: This is an indwelling, IV catheter placed in your blood vessel in your chest, done by a vascular surgeon at your time of surgery. This give us access for antibiotic delivery in a long-term setting so that you do not have to get stuck with a needle over and over each day. The time frame is appx 6 - 8 weeks of antibiotics and this is a case-by-case basis.


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